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About Us


We are Miguel and Sandra, Portugal Wedding Photographers. We are truly passionate about what we do, mainly because we do it together.

Our style is modern and elegant. We love to create images that convey the graciousness and the timelessness of the happiest days.

That’s why our approach combines documental and fine-art styles, that way we ensure we’ll provide you an elegant legacy of modern love.



We believe that the wedding day is yours, not ours. We can guide and direct you if that is what you want and believe is necessary. We’ll be glad to do it! But we won’t interfere during the day. We completely respect your time with your family and friends, and that’s what we want to capture. As well as some moments of the two of you alone, but they’re brief and you’ll thank us for those relaxed and intimate moments. It’s an opportunity to take a deep breath, relax and focus on each other.

Your happiness makes us happy, and we know that happiness can be expressed in many ways. The uniqueness of each couple and family motivates us. We find beauty in the most extrovert, party people, as well in the most introvert and intimate celebrations. Our drive is those honest, true, and genuine moments.

One of our priorities, besides capturing every moment and detail, is to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable. While you won’t notice our presence during the most intimate and solemn moments, you can expect us to help you in any situation. During the social moments we’ll be more than happy to share laughs with your family and friends. We love to know the people that are important to you!

We aim for timeless images, not for the trends. We privilege natural and meaningful photos that will always be true, and will always honor your wedding day.

We invite you to read some kind words from our couples.

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