Small Intimate Wedding in Portugal

A small intimate wedding in Portugal at Quinta da Grimpa. An elegant and fun afternoon with friends, family and beautiful vineyards.

Catarina and Francisco planned a different wedding but 2020 made them change their plans. But that didn’t prevent them from celebrating love in a beautiful gathering of a small group of loved ones. This small intimate wedding was the first one we shot this year and it is very dear to our hearts. The ceremony was so emotional, we could not help but feel immense happiness for the couple and a huge honor to witness such beautiful moments. They had a very special guest, Pudim, the lovely Rough Collie. She was always present and full of joy! And the venue, Quinta da Grimpa, is just perfect for a small wedding.
We are so inspired by this small wedding and we hope it inspires more people to plan intimate weddings in Portugal. In any case, Catarina and Francisco didn’t give up on hosting a bigger celebration and they’re already planning their 2021 wedding. It will be a happy day!

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Getting Ready

Catarina and Francisco started the day at the venue, Quinta da Grimpa, surrounded by their closest family and friend. And Pudim, their Rough Collie!


The ceremony took place at the beautiful cloisters of Quinta da Grimpa. The cloisters perfectly suited the intimate celebration. They are an outdoor space within the main building, and they gave an old-world elegance to this modern wedding. Tears of joy and laughs of happiness punctuated the entire ceremony. It was truly special.


After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed the venue’s outdoors with their loved ones. Quinta da Grimpa is a small but very charming manor house in the center of Portugal. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and gorgeous vineyards. The atmosphere is very cool but with a classic touch. It is perfect for a late Summer celebration or an Autumn intimate wedding. 

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